UV Lamp Spare Part

Spare parts in ultraviolet lamps are divided into several units and their accessories. To support good work in the process of filtering water and air using ultraviolet lamps, several spare parts are complete and each function well. Here are some spare parts needed for the needs in the process of filtering water filters using ultraviolet lamps.
1. Ultraviolet Light Bulb
It has an elongated shape, and has a power of 9 watts to 40 watts and a lamp length of 15 cm to 96 cm
2. Glass Sleeve / Sleeve
To protect ultraviolet lamps from running water. Available in 1- 12 gpm.
3. Ballasts or Adapters
Ballast as the first reference to turn on ultraviolet lights. Power of 10 to 40 watts, various connectors and Input of 220 VAC.
4. Rubber Seal
5. Housing Stainles
Made from stainless steel material, and placed on the outside of the ultraviolet light. Usually in this housing stain placed stickers from ultraviolet lamp brands and also warning stickers.

For the durability and durability of various components of this ultraviolet lamp unit depends on how long it is used and the balance of electric power needed by the ultraviolet lamp.

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