Total Hardness Test Kit Hanna HI 3812

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Specification of Total Hardness Test Kit Hanna HI 3812

Total Hardness Test Kit Hanna HI 3812

Hardness test kit is a tool to test
water hardness. Water hardness is caused by the presence of several minerals in
the water, generally magnesium and calcium ions in the form of carbonate salts.
Hard water or commonly referred to as hard water is water that has a fairly
high mineral content, and soft water is water that contains low mineral levels.
In addition to magnesium and calcium ions, one of the causes is the high
content of metal ions, bicarbonate and sulfate salts. Total water hardness is
expressed in ppm CaCO3 units.

There are 2 types of water hardness,
based on the type of anion attached to the cation, namely:

1. Temporary hard water, is hard water
that contains bicarbonate ions, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate,
whose hardness can be removed by heating the water.

2. Permanent hard water, is hard water
that contains anions other than bicarbonate ions, such as chloride ions,
nitrates, and sulfate ions. Water containing these compounds is called
permanent hard water, because its hardness cannot be removed only by heating.
To remove the water hardness, a chemical process is used, namely reacting the
water with certain chemicals.

Hanna Hardness Test Kit product specifications:

Product Code : HI3812

Type: titration

Smallest increase : 0.3 mg/L (ppm); 3
mg/L (ppm)

Method : EDTA

Number of tests: 100 avg

Order Information: HI 3812 test kit is
equipped with 30 mL hardness buffer, 10 mL calmagite indicator, 120 mL EDTA
solution, 20 mL plastic cup complete with lid, 50 mL plastic beaker with cap
and 1 mL syringe with tip.

Reagent : HI 3812 - 100

Total Hardness Range : 0.0 - 30.0 mg/L
(ppm) ; 0 - 300 mg/L (ppm)

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