Aluminum Sulfate Liquid Alum

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Specification of Aluminum Sulfate Liquid Alum

Description of Aluminum Sulfate Liquid Alum

Liquid alum is one of the water purification materials that is often used in the industrial sector, and is also commonly used for household scale. Liquid alum starts from alum stone that is still intact in the form of crystals and is isomorphic which is dissolved in water (aquades) with a concentration of up to 12%.

In the market alum is sold in the form of large lumps, granules, powder and liquid. There are two types of liquid alum that are commonly sold in the market, namely cloudy alum and clear alum. Difficulty in dissolving alum which takes a long time, makes the market want alum that has been dissolved or liquid alum, so that it can be used immediately (ready for use).

Alum or commonly called aluminum sulfate is produced in two ways, namely:

1. Bauxite process, is a direct manufacturing process from sulfuric acid and bauxite.

2. AI(OH)3 process, in short alum is made from AI(OH)3 or aluminum hydroxide by reacting with sulfuric acid. Usually dilute alum so that it reacts with sulfuric acid more easily.


Uses of liquid alum in general:

1. The use of liquid alum is often used in the industrial scope, namely as a coagulant in the water treatment process. Usually it can be used to purify wastewater and drinking water. Alum has become a complement to the need to purify water in an advanced era like today, no wonder alum is often used and easy to find. When mixed with water, liquid alum produces several forms with different levels of ionization. this can cause the accumulation of pollutants in the water and occur

When combined with water, liquid alum has several forms with different levels of ionization. It can collect pollutants in the water and precipitate them (also called sedimentation process), so it can clean the water more easily.

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