Amberjet 1200 H cation resin
Amberjet 1200 H cation resin
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14 Jul 2021
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Specification of Amberjet 1200 H cation resin


AMBERJET™ 1200 H Industrial Grade Strong Acid Cation Exchanger




AMBERJET 1200 H resin is a uniform particle size, high quality, strong acid cation exchanger designed for use in all general demineralisation systems. The uniformity and mean particle size of AMBERJET 1200 H resin have been optimised for use in industrial demineralisation equipment including mixed beds when paired with AMBERJET 4200 Cl resin. AMBERJET 1200 H resin can be directly substituted for conventional gel cation exchange resin in new equipment and in rebeds of existing installations.


Typical Properties

Physical form                                         Amber spherical beads

Matrix                                                    Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer

Functional group                                     Sulfonate

Ionic form as shipped                              H+

Total exchange capacity [1]                             1.80 eq/L (H+ form) - 2.00 eq/L (Na+ form) Moisture holding capacity [1]               49 to 55% (H+ form)

Shipping weight                                      800 g/L

Specific gravity                                      1.18 to 1.22 (H+ form) Particle size

Uniformity coefficient [1]                               1.2

Harmonic mean size                             630 ± 50 µm

Fines content [1]                                              < 0.300 mm : 0.1% max

Maximum reversible swelling                     Na+ H+ : 10%

Suggested Operating Conditions

Maximum operating temperature                    135°C

Minimum bed depth                                      800 mm

Service flow rate                                          5 to 50 BV*/h

Maximum service velocity                              60 m/h Regeneration

Regenerant                                               HCl                          H2SO4

Level (g/L)                                                40 to 150                 40 to 200

Concentration (%)                                     4 to 10                     1 to 8

Minimum contact time                                 20 minutes

Slow rinse                                                 2 BV at regeneration flow rate

Fast rinse                                                  1 to 3 BV at service flow rate



Operating capacity and sodium leakage depend on several factors such as water analysis, temperature and regenerant level. The engineering data sheets EDS 0355 A, 0356 A, 0359 A, and 0360 A, provide information to calculate them.

Limits of Use


AMBERJET 1200 H resin is suitable for industrial uses. For all other specific applications such as pharmaceutical, food processing or potable water applications, it is recommended that all potential users seek advice from Rohm and Haas in order to determine the best resin choice and optimum operating conditions.


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

rohm-&-haas-amberjet-1200-h-ll wm.pdf



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