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Submersible Pump Multi-stage Impeller Merk DAB
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Sell Submersible Pump Multi-stage Impeller Merk DAB

Specification of Submersible Pump Multi-stage Impeller Merk DAB

Sell ​​Well Pump In Submersible Pump Multi Stage Impeller Brand DAB Contact: Mitra Water 0822 3333 4224.

Deep well water pump - Submersible pump, specially designed water pump has a double impeller (Multi-stage Impeller) so it can move water with high energy efficiency.

Applicable applications either pump water, distribute or increase water pressure from ground tanks.

Here are the Type and Specifications of Well Water Pumps in SubABABILITY PUMPS Multi Stage Impeller DAB:


Daya Motor (P2)Daya Hisap MaksTotal Head Maks (H)Kapasitas Maks (Q)Pipa Inlet & Outlet
CS4A-12M -4"OL
(15m Cable)
0,370,37-251 1/4
CS4A-18M -4"OL
(30m Cable)
0,550,55-251 1/4
CS4C-13M -4"OL
(30m Cable)
0,750,75-701 1/4
CS4C-19M -4"OL
(30m Cable)
1,1104,5-70 1 1/4


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