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PH Meter

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.Ph Meter

Product Specifications :

Ph Is The Acidity Or Kebasa 'S An Object That Is Measured Using The Ph Scale From 0 To 14 . The Nature Of The Acid Has A Ph Between 0 And 7 And Alkaline Nature Has The Ph Value Of 7 To 14 . For Example , Orange Juice And Battery Acid Has A Ph Between 0 And 7 , Whereas The Sea Water And Bleach Have Alkaline Properties ( Which Are Also Referred To As Alkaline ) With A Ph Value Of 7-14 . Pure Water Is Neutral Or Has A Ph Value Of 7 .

In The Drinking Water Ph Meter Is A Device Used To Measure Acidity And Kebasa 'S.

The Acidity Of The Solution Was Expressed As Hydrogen Ion Concentration Is Abbreviated With [ H + ] , Or As A Means Of Ph - Log [ H + ] . In Other Words, Ph Is A Measure Of The Strength Of An Acid . Ph Of A Solution Can Be Ditera In Several Ways Such As By Way Titrate The Solution With An Acid Or A More Rigorous Indicator Again With A Ph Meter . Ph Measuring Levels Of Acid And Alkaline Water Works Digitally , Ph Acidic Water Called When Less Than 7 ,

In Addition To Measuring The Water Ph Ph Meter Can Be Used To Measure Soil Ph By First Mixing The Soil To Be Measured By The Amount Of Water . The Composition Of The Mixture Of Water And Soil Follow The Rules , Namely The Ratio Of 1:1 Or 1:5 Or 1:2,5 . Type Of Active Acidity Or Actual Acidity Caused By The Presence Of H + Ions In The Soil Solution . This Acidity Is Written With Ph ( H2o ) . For Example, Acidity ( Ph) Of The Soil Is Measured By The Ratio Of Soil : Water 1 : 2.5 ( 10 G Of Soil Was Diluted With 25 Ml Of Water ) And Written By Ph2 , 5 ( H2o ) . In Some Labs , Soil Ph Measurements Performed With Soil And Water Ratio Of 1: 1 Or 1 : 5 . 

If The User Has Already Reached Some 3 Years Old , For Example , The Ph Measurement Can Sometimes Be Inaccurate , It Is Necessary For The Calibration Process . The Ph Meter Can Be Calibrated Using Standard Solutions Eg Solutions Ph7 , Ph10 Or Ph14 . The First Time You Receive This Tool The Condition Ph Meter Is Ready For Use Measurement . This Is Because The Plant Has Been Calibrated By The Calibration Results Are Attached In A Carton Box .

Prohibition Of Use :

Ph Meter Should Not Be Used To Measure Fluid As Follows :

1 . Hot Water With Temperatures Exceeding Room Temperature For Precision Measurement Becomes

2 . Water Ice / Cold Water With A Temperature Below Room Temperature For Precision Measurement Becomes

3 . Type Of Water Or Other Liquids That Are Not Included In The Measurement Range Of The Instrument Specifications

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