Ozon Generator Hanaco 04 Gr Per Jam

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Ozone Generating

]Sell ​​Hanaco Ozone generator 0.4 grams per hour.

Ozone machines or ozone generators have many applications ranging from household, pharmaceutical, to industrial scales. Hanaco 0.4 gram ozone generator is usually used for household scale. This ozone machine can sterilize the room from bacteria, viruses, fungi and others, besides that ozone can also remove unpleasant odors such as cigarette odor, body odor, mold odor, and others. how it works using ozone or ozonation to sterilize a room ie

prepare the ozone generator in the room to be sterilized

the ozone generator plugs into an outlet

then turn on the ozone generator by turning the timer setting lever for 30 minutes then wait for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes, leave the room empty for up to 1 hour until the ozone in the room is gone

In addition to sterilizing the room, ozone generators can remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Pesticides are chemical compounds that are difficult to decompose. if too much pesticide consumption will be difficult to remove and will settle in the body. if the pesticide is in a small amount, the body can still neutralize the pesticide. however, if it is consumed too often and continuously it will cause disease. with ozone, pesticide chemical compounds will be released from fruits or vegetables so that fruits will be protected from all diseases caused by pesticides. Ozone generators have many sizes ranging from small sizes such as 0.4 grams of hanaco ozone per hour or industrial grade ozone generators which are often used for mineral water production, wastewater treatment and so on. We Mitra Water provide various sizes of ozone generators or ozone machines ranging from small to large sizes.

Ozone generator specifications hanaco 0.4 grams per hour

Model: TSH-278

Voltage: AC 110 V or 220 V

Consumption power: 15 W

Ozone yield: 0.4 gram / h

Maximum use of ozone: 30 minutes

net weight: 0.8 kg

Product size: 275x180x60 mm

box size: 317x100x294 mm

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