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Ozone Generating

Specification of OZON GENERATOR 400 GRAM

Maybe some people know about ozone generators, but there are most people who don't know how an ozone generator works. Ozone generator, or ozone production machine, is a device that converts oxygen into ozone. The ozone machine produces ozone by adding energy to the oxygen molecule (O2), which causes the oxygen atoms to split and become the ozone molecule (O3). This process requires a high electric voltage, namely by providing electricity for the amount of electricity, then ozone is used for air disinfection and air purification. The ozone generator has a small size that can be gripped to an industrial scale where a machine can produce hundreds of grams of ozone every hour like a 400 gram ozone generator. This ozone generator works for rooms that require very clean and very dry air or oxygen and has specially designed cells to produce very high concentrations of ozone, namely corona cells.

As we explained earlier, an ozone generator applies high-voltage electricity to the air that passes through it. This normal oxygen atom becomes a single atom i.e. (O) oxygen, which then bonds with other oxygen molecules to form ozone. After producing ozone, then ozone reacts with bacteria, viruses, pollutants, or fungi and becomes a molecule that is not complex so that it is less harmful to the body through a process called oxidation. Ozone that does not react with other molecules will break down into oxygen over time. Ozone generators can deodorize, and disinfect air, water and other materials.

400 gram Ozone Generator Unit Specifications:

- Corona module: Glass Quarsz.

- Combining System.

- Enamel Corona: SS 304.

- Air Drayer: SS 304 tube / Automatic Temperature Control.

- HV generator: Transformer 6,000 - 15,000.- Volts x 8.

- Control Panel Gauges: Digital.

- Air Drayer House controls: Digital.

- O2 Inlet Filter: Alumina Filter Housing Module.

- Pum Air: Ressun 004 x 8 (Free Air ± 80%)

- Pure Oxygen: 120 - 130 LPM.

- Accessories Unit: Inlet O2

- Outlet O3 Nevel Hose SS 304.

- Switch On - Off: Pum Resun.

- System Hose Unit: Silicon Hose.

- Cooling Unit: Fan Blower.

- Panel Cassing Unit Box: 1.5mm Plate Powder Coatting paint.

- Power Unit: 220 Volt 680 - 1520 Watt Automatic System.

- Unit Dimensions: 200 x 60 x 100. Cm

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