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Ozone Generating

Specification of OZONE GENERATOR 40 grams

Selling units of ozone generator 40 grams per hour, guaranteed, for the sterilization of drinking water and rooms.

the use of ozone generators is more effective than using UV lamps to sterilize both water and space. UV lamps will only sterilize water that is exposed to UV light so that the parts of the water that are covered with dirt and are not emitted by UV lamps will not occur sterilization. so that the part that is covered by this dirt is still not sterile, so it's different if sterilization uses ozone, ozone can sterilize the room and water as a whole. The dissolved ozone in the water will spread evenly so that it can sterilize all parts of the water, and has a more effective and more complete sterilization result. and the most important advantage of ozonation is that ozone gas will not leave a residue that is harmful to humans, the environment and others. Ozone dissolved in water or in the air will eventually decompose and return to oxygen again

After explaining the effectiveness of ozone generators, maybe some of you ask questions about "How do ozone generators work?". Now the ozone generator has a very simple way of working, only converting from oxygen or air to ozone or trioxygen (O3). Even though the way it works is that simple, this ozone generator is quite dangerous if you make it without a device called an ozone generator. To convert oxygen or air (O2) to Ozone (O3) requires a high voltage, which is 80,000v, which is dangerous for human life. a human being is only able to withstand the electric power of 40 volts so that if he is exposed to such a large electric shock it will cause death.

- Corona tube:

Quarzt Glass Issolator

Corona Taflon tube hubcap

Housing Tube Corona 304 Stainless pipe

Durral Corona Alluminium Tube Cooler.

- HV Travo - 3,500 - 6,000 Volt / 220 Volt / 350 Watt.

- Sillicon / Taflon Input and Output hose pipes.

- Control Panel unit:

Digital Volt Meter

Digital Ampere Meter

Annalog Hour Meter

- Potentiometer to determine the quality of O3 produced

- Ozone-O3 source from the free air of the Ressun Pump.

- Pure Oxygen or Oxygen Generator 10 lpm.

- Unit Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 40 cm / Iron plate / Powder Coating paint

- Weight ± 32kg.

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