Ozon generator 3 gram per jam

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Ozone Generating

Specification of Ozon generator 3 gram per jam

Sell ​​Ozone Generator 3 grams per hour stainless steel body.

This 3 grams per hour ozone generator is commonly used for water sterilization, drinking water in refill depots, sterilization rooms, sterilization laboratory equipment and others.

Trioxygen or commonly called ozone has a chemical compound formula, namely O3. This compound is a special compound because it has an oxidizing ability exceeding oxygen and also has an oxidizing power exceeding chlorine. Ozone's oxidizing power (O3) is six times stronger than chlorine, therefore ozone has the ability to sterilize more effectively than chlorine. sterilization using chlorine is less effective because sterilization using this compound leaves a residue, namely the chlorine compound itself because chlorine can only be lost if it reacts with other compounds, if it does not react with other compounds, chlorine will not be lost and chlorine compounds are stable compounds so chlorine does not. can decompose, while ozone is an unstable compound that causes ozone to easily decompose into oxygen again and leaves no residue. because ozone has

compounds that are unstable then have the ability to be strong oxidizing agents capable of exceeding oxygen and chlorine.

This ozone generator has applications in the environment around us, namely as a washing fruit and vegetables. What's the difference between washing fruits and vegetables with plain water or plain soap with ozone? the difference is that if you wash with plain water or soap, you will question the sterility of the water because you are afraid that it will add to the contaminants in the fruit and vegetables, especially if using soap is more dangerous if there is soap left on the fruit and vegetables it can be dangerous for your life and if you wash fruits and vegetables using ozone will be more sterile and certainly safer for the human body, this ozone leaves no residue and can more effectively remove pesticides attached to fruits and vegetables.


Product model: AS 002

Ozone capacity: 3 grams / hour

Power Supply: 220 Volt / 50 Hz

Power: 80 watts

Dimensions: 230 x 180 x 420 mm

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