Ozon Generator 200 Gram

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Ozone Generating

Sell ​​Ozone Generator 200 Gram per hour.

Many people recognize ozone as a strong oxidant which is stronger than oxygen, but in fact ozone has many applications ranging from household, industrial, pharmaceutical, and others, on an industrial scale, ozone has been widely used, one of which is the production of mineral water or commonly called bottled drinking water, the role of ozone in bottled drinking water is very important because the presence of ozone can sterilize the water that will be produced and make drinking water healthier for consumption. How the ozone machine works for processing bottled mineral water, namely

water from drinking water treatment enters the drinking water storage tank with a food grade standard using the SS304 tank

after the drinking water storage tank then dissolves ozone by passing the venturi pipe which has been connected to the ozone generator

Finally, the water goes into the drinking water packaging process

Ozone is a substance that is easily broken down so that in the process of bottled drinking water over time the ozone will turn back into oxygen in a few minutes. so that the use of ozone in the production of mineral water is very safe and healthy. Ozone comes in a variety of sizes from hand grips to industrial sizes. We Mitra Water provide all sizes of ozone generators.

200 gram / hour ozone generator specifications

- Module Corona: Glass Quarsz. - Combiner System.

- Enamel Corona: SS 304.

- Air Drayer: SS 304 tube / Automatic Temperature Control.

- HV generator: Transformer 6,000 - 15,000.- Volts x 4.

- Control Panel Meter: Digital.

- Control Housing Air Drayer: Digital.

- O2 Inlet Filter: Housing Module Alumina Sieve.

- Pum Air: Ressun 004 x 4 (Free Air ± 80%)

- Pure Oxygen: 60 - 70 LPM.

- Accessories Unit: Inlet O2 - Outlet O3 Nevel Hose SS 304.

- On - Off switch: Pum Resun.

- Hose System Unit: Silicon Hose.

- Cooling Unit: Fan Blower.

- Cassing Unit Box Panel: 1.5mm Plate Cat Fowder Coutting.

- Power Unit: 220 Volt 560 - 920 Watt Automatic System.

- Unit Dimensions: 160 x 60 x 50. Cm



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