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Specification of OZONE GENERATOR 100 grams

Selling 100 gram Ozone generators for warranty, serving all parts of Indonesia

 Ozone Generator Unit Specifications Capacity 100 gr / h

This 100 gram ozone generator is commonly used on an industrial scale. This machine can be used in the bottled drinking water industry such as Aqua, Cleo and others. Ozone generators are very important in the production of bottled drinking water because they can produce sterile drinking water from bacteria, viruses, germs, and other micromolecules in the water. This ozone is the most effective sterilizer compared to other sterilizers. Why are ozone generators so effective? because the ozone generator can kill bacteria. viruses, germs and other micromolecules get to the core part of these micromolecules. so it is very effective in sterilizing the room. room. living room, classroom, offices, hotel rooms and others. and also the great thing about this ozone generator is that it does not leave residual substances and is not harmful to humans if the use of the ozone generator is in accordance with the procedure for use

what is the correct and safe procedure for using an ozone generator for humans?

turn on the ozone generator in a closed room so that room sterilization can run optimally

When turning on the ozone generator, make sure that there are no living things in the room such as people and pets to be safe from ozone gas

close the room meeting for about 1 hour and until there is no smoke or smell of ozone in the room

after 1 hour turn off and the room is sterile from viral bacteria, germs and other micromolecules

- Corona tube:

Quarzt Glass Issolator

Corona Taflon tube hubcap

Housing Tube Corona 304 Stainless pipe

Durral Corona Alluminium Tube Cooler

- HV transformer - 3,500 - 6,000 Volt / 220 Volt / 900 Watt

- Sillicon Input and Output hoses

- Control Panel unit:

Digital Volt Meter

Digital Ampere Meter

Annalog Hour Meter

- Potentiometer to determine the quality of O3 produced

- Ozone Source - O3 / Oxygen Generator External

- Unit Dimensions: 120 x 45 x 50 cm / Iron Plate / Powder Coating Paint

- Weight ± 52kg

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