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Mesin RO 500 GPD Undersink
Mesin RO 500 GPD Undersink
Mesin RO 500 GPD Undersink
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Selling RO Reverse Osmosis Machine 500 Gpd equivalent to 1900 liters per day, Mitra WaterReverse Osmosis (RO) Is A Water Purification Technology Using A Semi-Permeable Membrane. RO machines are not just for cleaning or purifying water, but also sterilizing water from metals (minerals), bacteria, viruses so that water becomes healthier and can be drunk directly. Besides That The Results Of The Mineral-Free RO Filter Can Also Be Used For Industrial Purposes Such As Boilers, Engine Coolers Etc.Specification of RO 100 Gpd Reverse Osmosis Machine:
- 1 Fruit Ro 500 Gpd Membrane
- 1 Fruit Ro 48 Booster Pump Dc + Ac / Dc Adapter
- 3 Pieces of 10 "Spun, Gac and Carbon Block (Cto) 10 Filter Housing
- 1 Unit membrane housing 500 GPD
- 1 Post Carbon Fruit
- Automatic Water Entry System (Solenoid), Full Tank (Hps) and Empty Tank (Lps)
- 1 Fruit Goose Neck Faucet (Faucet)
- Iron Plate Frame
- Size 55 X 33 X 43 Cm
- 60 Watt electricity usageThis Reverse Osmosis water filter machine is suitable for use in households, dormitories, boarding houses, offices, factories etc.

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