Engine 300 Gpd Reverse Osmosis Ro 1200 Liter Equivalent Per Day

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Specification of Engine 300 Gpd Reverse Osmosis Ro 1200 Liter Equivalent Per Day

​Sell ​​RO Reverse Osmosis Machine 300 Gpd, 1200 Liters Per Day

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) machine, which has a capacity of 300 GPD, is a machine that can convert PDAM water into drinking water. RO Reverse Osmosis machine has a way of working by utilizing reverse Osmosis technology. The meaning of osmosis itself is the movement of a molecule from a low concentration molecule to a high concentration molecule using a semipermeable membrane membrane. while reverse osmosis technology is the movement of a molecule with the help of high pressure to move a high concentration molecule to a low concentration molecule through a semipermeable membrane membrane. so that this ro machine can remove air with high concentrations of contaminants into pure air without any pollutants. The water from the reverse osmosis machine is pure air without pollutants so that it can be safely consumed by the human body. In addition to being consumed, the reverse osmosis water can also be used to wash train cars safely without rusting the train cars. If you wash train cars using tap water or raw water that has contaminants, especially sodium chloride, or so-called salt, which can make railroad cars corroded.

RO 300 Gp Reverse Osmosis Machine Specifications

 - 1 Fruit Membrane Ro 300 Gpd

 - 1 Fruit Booster Pump Ro 24 Volt Dc + Adapter Ac / Dc 300 Gpd Capacity

 - 3 Pieces of Filter Housing 10 "Side Spun, Gac And Carbon Block (Cto)

 - 1 Post Carbon Fruit

 - Automatic Solenoid System, Full Tank (Hps) And Empty Tank (Lps)

 - 1 Goose Neck Faucet (Faucet)

 - Iron Plate Frame

 - Size 55 X 33 X 43 Cm

 - 75 Watt electricity consumption


 This Reverse Osmosis Machine is widely used for households, factories, refill water depots, offices, etc.


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