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Specification of Machine RO 100 Gpd

Sell ​​100 Gpd RO engine capacity of 320 liters per day

The RO 100 Gpd machine can remove contaminants from raw water or feed water when the water is pressed with a pump through a semipermeable membrane. This process flows from concentrated water or more contaminants to the RO membrane where after that the water is less concentrated or also less or healthier and ready for consumption, the water produced is also called permeate water and wastewater from Reverse Osmosis is called waste or waste water. Reverse Osmosis membrane is a semipermeable membrane which has small pores that can filter out contaminants but allows water to flow. filtered contaminants such as bacteria, salt, sand and other particles. To penetrate small pores, raw water must be pushed using high pressure so that the reverse osmosis machine requires a pump that has a high bar to be able to penetrate the semipermeable membrane.


Benefits of 100 Gpd RO Machine


The RO 100 Gpd machine has one of the most effective filtration methods. This will remove 99% of dissolved solids, which will make the water healthier and fresher when drunk, the benefits of another 100 Gpd RO machine are


Reduced contaminants

Less sodium

no smell

environmentally friendly

easy to install

RO 100 GPD water filter specification:


- 1 piece of 100 gpd ro membrane

   - 1 36 volt dc ro booster pump + ac / dc adapter

   - 3 pieces of 10 "rotating-sided filter housing, GAC and carbon block (CTO)

   - 1 piece of container tank yields a maximum of 9 liters of 100 psi pressure

   - 1 post carbon fruit

   - Automatic log water system (solenoid), full tank (wipe) and empty tank (LPS)

   - 1 goose neck faucet (faucet)

   - Iron plate frame

   - Size 55 x 33 x 43 cm

   - 30 watts power consumption


   reverse osmosis machines are suitable for households, dormitories, boarding houses, offices.

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