Reverse Osmosis RO machine Capacity 4000 liters per day

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Specification of Reverse Osmosis RO machine Capacity 4000 liters per day

Sell ​​RO engine capacity of 4000 liters per day.

The RO machine with a capacity of 4000 liters per day is a tool that uses the reverse osmosis process or in english, namely reverse osmosis. This process for reverse osmosis requires energy to a saltier solution. The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable membrane that can pass water molecules but not large molecules or particles such as salts, bacteria, and so on. with a semipermeable membrane which has very tight pores so that it requires a high pressure booster so that air can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane by applying a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure it will naturally occur to disperse air, this process will occur, namely pure air will enter The engine then contaminates the air through the membrane

What contaminants will a 4000 liter per day RO engine remove from the air?

Particles that will be removed if you use a ro machine with a capacity of 4000 liters per day from air which is able to remove 99% of dissolved salts (ions), colloids, particles, bacteria, colloids, pathogens, and pyrogens from raw water but ro machines cannot be relied on to remove 100 % or viral bacteria. Nor can an RO membrane reject contaminants based on their size and load. 

RO machine specifications with a capacity of 4000 liters per day:

- 3 pieces RO membrane 400 Gpd

- 3 Pcs Booster Pump Hood 400 Gpd + Ac / Dc Adapter

- 2 Pcs Filter Housing 20 "+ Catridge Spun

- 1 Post Carbon Fruit

- Stainless Steel Frame

- Control Panel Contains Pressure Gauge, On / Of Switch, Indicator Lights

- Size 45 X 45 X 85 Cm

- 275 Watt electricity consumption

RO engine capacity of 4000 liters per day is suitable for:

- Water Refill Depot Business

- Water Cooled Machines For Factories

- Office, Factory, Employee Drinking Water, Etc.

- Restaurant, Restaurant and Catering Business

- Hospitals For Operating Room Needs And Dialysis, Etc.

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