Seawater distillers become fresh water

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Specification of Seawater distillers become fresh water

Sell ​​Water Filter Machine Water Distiller Water Distiller into Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

The process flow of peelulingan sea water into fresh water using reverse osmosis system or Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) in purification. This water treatment process with this technology has proven capable of filtering salts in very small size.

The process of working water treatment equipment into drinking water is indeed quite complicated and very detailed.

In a brackish water / brackish water filter unit filtered from the sand carrying in water after being released from the impurity particles of water collected in a container tank (tank)

In order for the water to be completely clean it is necessary to stage some water filtration, on the element of the sea water filter cartridge re-filtered. This is the final filtration process for solid particles and is able to filter even the smallest particles.

The main component of this water purification plant is the ocean water reverse osmosis machine. In this unit freshwater and salt water are separated by using semi-permeable membranes. The flow of water will reverse ie from salt water to fresh water through semi-perniabel membrane when given greater pressure from osmotic pressure.

Inside this unit the sea water is purified. Originally a salty taste can be neutralized to be tasteless. This water treatment machine by utilizing membrane that can dispose of salt-causing ions to get fresh water. While the dregs of the salt residue are again discharged into the sea.

The water produced by this purification plant has the required mineral content of the body. Mineral content resulting from this purification facility using international standards so it is safe to consume.

The process of water sterilization to eradicate germs and water purification microorganisms using chlorine with a certain concentration. The chlorine content is checked daily. The chlorine content used is still below the standard of 0.2 ppm. Or can also use UV lights. So that water can be drunk directly without the need to cook.

Drinking water purifier itself there are various types with processing capacity from 5000 liters per day to 60 thousand liters / day or more on demand.

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