Seawater Turning Machine into Freshwater

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Sea Water Ro

Specification of Seawater Turning Machine into Freshwater

Seawater Turning Machine into Freshwater

Coastal areas or former
swamp areas, it will be difficult to get clean water. Because most of the well
water in the area is salty or brackish, so it is not suitable for daily needs
such as drinking, cooking or bathing and washing.

There are many reasons
why groundwater tastes salty, one of which is seawater intrusion or intrusion.
Under natural conditions, groundwater will flow continuously towards the ocean
area. However, the impact of the disturbed balance of the system such as
excessive groundwater pumping, characteristics of the ocean and the constituent
rocks makes the infiltration of seawater into well water increase. This is what
causes ground water to become salty so that it cannot be used for daily needs
or for consumption.

In the end, it takes a
Dewatering Machine from Seawater to Freshwater that can be used to separate the
salt contained in seawater. One of them is to use an RO (Reverse Osmosis)
Machine. This machine for seawater purification can be operated so that it can
produce water purity up to 98%.

This seawater bidding
machine has a way of working, namely, applying pressure to seawater or raw
water so that it forces pure water molecules to penetrate a part of the
machine, namely the RO membrane. While other particles such as dissolved salts,
organic matter, and bacteria will be removed.

If you need a fairly
high level of fresh water production, a seawater bidding machine is the easiest
solution to treat seawater. This seawater bidding machine is called quite
efficient and of course for the long term it is very affordable, especially for
mobility on ships or in coastal areas. Mitra Water provides a bidder machine
for fresh water with a variety of capacities. For more information, contact
Mitra Water customer service.

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