RO Membrane 100 GPD CSM

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Specification of RO Membrane 100 GPD CSM

CSM RO Membrane 100 Gpd

RO membrane CSM 100 Gpd is a membrane consisting of a semipermeable membrane that has the function to filter water from harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses to metal content so as to make clear water free from harmful substances. The 100 gpd CSM RO membrane can also reduce the TDS levels contained in the water, where this 100 gpd CSM RO membrane has a fairly fine filter size of up to 1/10,000 micron. With a very small size, bacteria, viruses, and contents such as metals will be filtered and will automatically separate from the filtered water. The period of use for this 100 gpd CSM RO membrane is usually 1 year, faster or longer depending on its use and the raw water that will go through the filtration process.

The following are the specifications of the CSM 100 GPD RO membrane:

- Membrane brand: CSM

- Series : RE 2012 – 100

- Membrane capacity: 18 – 20 gallons per day

Periodically checking the condition of the 100 gpd CSM RO membrane is usually seen in the resulting water discharge decreasing past the standard or no longer releasing the resulting water. If this is the case, then the membrane needs to be washed or replaced with a new membrane.

The 100 gpd CSM RO membrane product is the only reverse osmosis membrane that has innovation and reduces costs that are quite expensive to produce quality RO water. Providing for industry to housing as well. The CSM RO membrane industry itself supports a wide network up to CSM branches in developing countries such as China, Japan, the United States and India.

Complete questions and stock availability regarding the CSM 100 GPD RO membrane can directly contact the admin of Mitra Water Surabaya

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