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Specification of Ex USA manganese green sand plus

Manganese Green Sand Plus Ex USA

Product Description Manganese Green Sand Plus Ex USA

Manganese Greend Sand plus is a water filter media used to remove iron, hydrogen sulfide and arsenic in water. Manganese Green Sand Plus is the right choice for manganese green sand. Can be used in CO or IR applications and does not require changes in the backwash rate or backwash time or additional chemical feeds.

Some functions of Manganese Green Sand Plus Ex USA:

• Eliminating Iron Solution

Manganese Green Sand Plus has a manganese dioxide solution which creates a high oxidative environment. When strong oxidation is injected in the flow of raw water in greensand plus, a solution of iron and manganese is then dissolved and oxidized with deposits that are trapped by the media. The filter is then washed and reused.

• Eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide

Manganese Green Sand Plus can directly oxidize the reactions of oxides and sulfides. The use of Manganese Green Sand Plus for a long time can describe chlorine-containing compounds.

• Arsenic Removers

Chlorine is injected first to oxidize iron, which then Arsenic joins with iron solution and is filtered by the media. Generally, 1 mg / L iron is used to remove 20 ug / L of arsenic. Depending on pH, silica and other filtered ions.

• Radium removers

With the same process from the Arsenic removal process, but in the process of radium removal using raw water. If the amount of manganese is not enough, then manganese sulphate is injected first.


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