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Sterilight UV Lamp S12 Q series PA silver 12 GPM
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Sell Sterilight UV Lamp S12 Q series PA silver 12 GPM

Specification of Sterilight UV Lamp S12 Q series PA silver 12 GPM

S12Q-PA, S8Q-PA, S5Q-PA, S2Q-PA, S1Q-PA Sterilight type is the best-in-class ultra-violet, suitable for water sterilization in hospitals, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, restaurant, bakery, home stairs and so on. 

1 S1Q - PA / 2 capacity of 1 gpm / 3.78 lpm 
2 S2Q - PA / 2 capacity of 2 gpm / lpm 7:56 
3 S5Q - PA / 2 capacity of 5 gpm / 18.9 lpm 
4. S8Q - PA / 2 capacity 8 gpm / lpm 30.24 
5. S12Q - PA / 2 capacity of 12 gpm / lpm 45.36 

- Ballasts (BA - ICE-S) with a digital monitor and arlam (show lamp life for 365 days, counting backwards when working for 24 hours / day). Ballasts with digital monitor is a type of excess Sterilight Silver, merck many other UV lamp life without using the instructions. So when the lamp replacement UV lamps die. Though the light is still on even if they are flat old should be replaced. It is worth noting, as have passed the age of the lamp's ability to kill bacteria will no longer be reduced 99.9%. 
- Ultra Violet Lights, the best in killing Cryptosporidium and Giardia, effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria during the life of the lamp. 
- Chamber made ​​of stainless steel SS 304 

There are many ways and discretion to determine the capacity of UV that we choose. For a more complex design as needed UV sensors etc, please contact us. 
A simple way is as follows: 
1 Water Capacity Pumpa 
Look at the nameplate capacity in the pumpa, examples pumpa capacity 19 liters per minute, at least Sterilight select S8Q, 30 capacity, 24 liters per minute. So Sterilight UV capacity must be greater than the installed capacity pumpa water. 

2 Production Capacity 
If there is no pumpa attached, calculate the desired production capacity. Examples would like a production capacity of 65 liters per minute, select Sterilight S12Q 2 units arranged in parallel, so it reached a capacity of 90, 72 liters per minute (Can also choose the type Sterilight SP410-HO PLATINUM 76 liters per minute yard next door).


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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