Liquid Chlorine 12% IBC pail drum packaging

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Specification of Liquid Chlorine 12% IBC pail drum packaging

Liquid Chlorine 12%

Chlorine is a very common element found on Earth. But naturally liquid chlorine is not in a pure state because it is highly reactive and more likely to form compounds and other elements. If at temperatures under normal pressure, chlorine is a gas that has a green or yellow color and has a heavier mass than air.

Liquid chlorine, has a clear color and is generally used as a disinfectant in water. Liquid chlorine contains sodium hypochlorite, which is able to oxidize pollutants in the water treatment process, usually used in swimming pool maintenance, in swimming pools it not only kills pathogenic bacteria in swimming pools but can also purify swimming pool water.

However, if inhaled, chlorine can cause irritation to the nose, throat and lungs. And can cause edema or fluid buildup, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and can trigger asthma, sore throat, vomiting, bloody stools to cause death. if it gets on the skin or eyes it can cause inflammation, irritation, rash, swelling, itching, damage to the skin, blurred vision and even blindness.

However, it will not have a serious impact when used properly and the content used is very small. Chlorine can function as a water-based disinfectant, such as dysentery, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. The following are the uses of liquid chlorine that are widely used:

- Liquid chlorine can be used to bleach clothes and household cleaners, liquid chlorine has been proven to be effective in removing various stains on clothes or other household items.

- In the industrial field, it is usually used for bleaching paper as a solution for wood pulp / bamboo pulp during processing.

- In the pharmaceutical industry, it is usually used for a mixture of drugs and antiseptic fluids

- Liquid chlorine is also used to mix pesticides.

In water treatment, liquid chlorine also functions to kill bacteria in water and is able to purify water. However, in drinking water it is not recommended to use liquid chlorine, but can use RO (reverse osmosis) to produce quality and safe drinking water.

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