Head FRP 3 Way

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Specification of Head FRP 3 Way

Selling 3 way FRP head valve is used for FRP filter tubes

The 3 way FRP head valve functions as water circulation for the FRP water filter tube. The FRP head has 3 holes, namely the input hole (size 1 ") for circulating inlet water, the output hole (size 1") for the resultant water circulation and the drain hole (size 1 ") for circulation of waste water when backwash is performed.

FRP 3 way valve head has 3 positions, namely:

1. Service: move the handle position towards this to do normal water filtering

2. Backwash: move the handle position towards this to backwash or wash the media

3. Fast Rinse: move the handle position towards this to do the dirt / crust washing inside the pipeline.

How to install a 3 way valve FRP head:

1. Insert the pipe into the FRP tube, don't forget the bottom streaner is glue first.

2. Insert the media in the order slowly, do not let the media into the PVC pipe. Try when filling the top of the pipe hole closed plastic to avoid the entry of media into the PVC pipe.

3. Install the upper streaner on the bottom of the FRP head (Three Way Valve). Make sure the streaner locks on the FRP head.

4. Make sure all seals (rubber) are attached

5. Install the FRP head with the upper streaner position into the pipe inside the filter.

6. Install enough pipes into the holes of the inlet, yield water, and drainage water using a water bath

(SDL = Outer Drat Shock) is a shock that changes the size of 1 inch to the size of sesuai inch according to the size of the pipe used.

7. After all the parts are installed, then the water from the source can be flowed into the filter with the Three Way Valve lever positioned to backwash and fast rinse alternately until the output water reaches the condition of clean / clear water.

8. The backwash and fast rinse position serves to wash the dirt in the media and the pvc pipe inside the filter tube so that the water filter function is perfect.


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