Chlorine 60 % Powder Calcium Hypochlorite

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Chlorine 60 % Powder Calcium Hypochlorite

Chlorine 60 % Powder Calcium Hypochlorite

Chlorine 60 powder is a chemical
compound that has the chemical formula Ca(CIO)2. Chlorine is usually used as a
disinfectant for water. Chlorine is known to be more stable and contains more
free chlorine than bleach or sodium hypochlorite. Calcium hypochlorite is
usually a white solid, sometimes appearing slightly yellow in color. The smell
of chlorine is quite strong, because it has undergone slow decomposition in
humid air. It is quite difficult to dissolve in water and is mostly used in low
to moderate hardness water. Compounds of this type exist in two forms, namely
anhydrous and hydrate.

Chlorine 60 Specifications:

- Packaging: Pail

- Weight: 15 kg

- Production : Tjiwi Kimia

- Chlorine Form: Powder

- Chlorine content: 60%

- Country of Origin: Indonesia

Chlorine 60 powder is in the form of
a white powder that is clean enough and has been packaged in a white plastic
bucket and is sealed so that the safety of the product is quite guaranteed.

Chlorine 60 powder is usually used
for water purification or water treatment, laundry business, and for swimming
pool needs.

Other advantages of chlorine 60 powder are:

- Become a water disinfectant

- Maintain the stability of pH and
Cl in water

- Bleach on clothes

- Water purification

- Elimination of unpleasant odors

How to use chlorine 60 powder:

- Prepare a bucket that already
contains enough water

- Enter the 60 powder chlorine
gradually and as needed as needed

- After the water and chlorine 60
powder are in one container, stir gently until mixed.

- Water that has been mixed well
with 60 powder chlorine, can be taken and put in the swimming pool or water
according to use.

In chlorine 60, the powder in its
use can be combined with other water purifiers such as PAC and alum, or if used
in swimming pools it can be combined with water and soda ash.



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