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Specification of flocculant and koagulant TANFLOC SH

Water flocculant and water coagulant Tanfloc SH is used as a coagulant and flocculant agent for wastewater and drinking water treatment.


Flocculant and coagulant Tanfloc SH in is a combination of polyphenols from vegetable origin and inorganic complexes, with clearer cationic character, easy application and high efficiency. TANFLOC SH has a broad spectrum of applications with previous trials (jar-tests) or with explanations from our engineers.

PACKING TANFLOC SH LIQUID is available in 50 kg polyethylene containers or 1000 kg containers. TANFLOC SH POWDER is packed in an easy to handle 25 kg bag.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS TANFLOC SH physical aspects LIQUID * SMOOTH HYBROSCOPIC POWDER Moisture in package (%) Viscosity (s-25 ° C Cup -Ford nº4) - 50 maximum 4.5 - 6.5 Non Applicable pH (original form) 1, 3 - 3 2,3 - pH (aq.sol 10% w / v.) - 1,8 - 2,7 * Solvent: water.

The nature of TANFLOC SH with potentialized cationic character is effective in neutralizing the cost of dissolved colloidal material in waters into treatment. TANFLOC SH does not change the pH of the water being treated because it does not consume environmental alkalinity and is at the same time effective in a pH schedule of 4.5-8.0. 5

APPLICATIONS TANFLOC SH can be used in the original liquid form or in the form of a diluted solution, alone or in combination with others flocculant agents as anionic and / or cationic synthetic polymers. TANFLOC SH is recommended in the following application fields:

• Metallurgical, pulp and paper wastewater, leather tanning, food and chemical industries, in primary or secondary processing plants;

• Petrochemical waste waters, in the secondary treatment integrated system;

• ceramics, enamel industries for restoring and separating clays;

• Waste water from slaughterhouses, during the flotation process;

• drinking water treatment, conventional and compact treatment plants.

STORAGE TANFLOC SH, to keep the characteristics of the coagulant and flocculant unchanged should be stored in a dry, ventilated room, protected from sunlight. Inadequate conditions and long storage periods can cause changes in stability such as increased viscosity.

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