19 Liter PC Water Galon

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11 Oct 2022
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Specification of 19 Liter PC Water Galon

19 Liter PC water gallon

Gallon made of PC which has a polycarbonate material, polycarbonate is a group of thermoplastic polymers, easy to shape using heat. Plastics of this type are commonly used in the chemical industry. This type of plastic has many advantages, namely thermal resistance compared to similar plastics, able to withstand impact and quite clear.

Polycarbonate can undergo a glass transition at a temperature of 150ºC, therefore polycarbonate will become soft gradually above a temperature of 150ºC, can melt at a temperature of 300ºC

Below are the types of polycarbonate and additional features:

- PC Embossed (HUE)

- Ordinary PC (HGU)

- PC Heatcut (HGHT)

- PC Anti-scratch (Anti-scratch)

There are many people's assumptions about bottled drinking water which is dangerous if used repeatedly and can affect health. The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) gave its official statement that gallon packaging made from Polycarbonate (PC) after being checked for the last 5 years, showed that BPA migration was below 0.01 bpj or 10 micrograms/kg BPOM stated that with the data it was still within safe limits, by issuing regulation Number 20 of 2019 concerning food packaging. Food packaging safety regulations include a maximum BPA migration limit of 0.6 bpj or 600 micrograms/kg from PC packaging.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) study, there is no information about the health hazards caused by BPA migration, because the BPA exposure data is too low to cause health problems. The EFSA also stipulates the safe limit for exposure to BPS by consumers is 4 micrograms/kg body weight per day.

So in essence, Gallon PC is quite safe if used repeatedly over a long period of time. With a note its use is suitable only for water at room temperature or normal. When compared to Gallons made from PET, PC gallons are quite safe from a row of bottled drinking water.

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