Lime Removal Softener Water Filter

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Water Filter

Specification of Lime Removal Softener Water Filter

Filter Softener

Softener Filter Is Used To Remove Hardness / Eliminate The Lime Content Of Calcium And Magnesium Ions By Way Of Exchange Of Ca 2 + / Mg 2 + . The Cation Ion Exchange Continues In The Tube Until The Cation Resin Saturated Softener . At The Time Of The Cation Resin Saturated Resin Can Be Used Again After The Resin Is Regenerated Using Nacl Salt .

To Place Your Softener Fiter Needs , Please Inform Us The Total Hardness , Discharge Of Raw Water , Raw Water And The Type Of Filter Operation Time , Which Then Will We Account The Amount Of Water That Filters According To Your Needs .

Available Softener Filter For Household And Industry , With Operating System Manually Or Automatically .

Hard Water Is Kandunganmineral - Specific Minerals In The Water , Generally Calcium Ions ( Ca ) And Magnesium ( Mg ) In The Form Of Carbonate Salts . Hard Water Or Hard Water Is Water That Has High Mineral Content , While Soft Water Is Water With A Low Mineral Content . In Addition To Calcium And Magnesium Ions , Hardness Can Also Be A Cause Of Other Metal Ions And Bicarbonate Salts And Sulfate . The Simplest Method Is To Determine The Hardness Of The Water With Soap . In Soft Water , Soap Will Produce A Lot Of Foam . In Hard Water , Soap Suds Will Not Produce Or Produces Very Little Foam . More Complex Way Is Through Titration . Total Water Hardness Is Expressed In Units Of Ppm By Weight Per Volume ( W / V ) Of Caco3 .

Hard Water Is Not So Dangerous To Drink , But Can Cause Some Problems . Hard Water Can Cause Precipitation Of Minerals , Which Clog Pipes And Taps . Hard Water Also Causes Waste In Household Soap And Hard Water Mixed With Soap Scum Can Form Clumps Which Are Difficult To Remove. In The Industry , Hardness Of Water Used Strictly Controlled To Prevent Losses . To Eliminate The Hardness Normally Used Various Chemicals , Or By Using The Ion Exchange Resin

Water Hardness Is Classified Into Two Types , Based On The Type Of Anion Is Bound By Cations ( Ca 2 + Or Mg 2 + ) , Which While Hard Water And Hard Water Remains .


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