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Iron And Manganese Filter
Iron And Manganese Filter
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Iron and manganese filter is used to remove all soluble colloids such as iron and manganese. Filter iron and manganese are widely used for water treatment in hotels, apartments, villas, restaurants and drinking water treatment. Ferolite act as a catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen (do) with iron and manganese dissolved. Dissolved iron and manganese will turn into a colloidal form, which is very easy to remove by filtration.

How to overcome the yellow water was murky and the smell is very easy. There are several ways and let us refer to choose the best effective way. Problems yellow water murky smell of rust and oily commonly caused by iron (fe) and manganese content (mg) of excess water, causing sediment in tub / shelter, a blockage in the pipe installation so that the water flow decreases, household furniture becomes damaged due flak yellow / black, used to wash clothes change color dull etc. The water problem like this makes us a headache is less the comfort of living, spending also increases. Common characteristics of water containing iron and manganese that water is yellow, turbid there is odor / smell of iron, sometimes the water comes out clear, but if deposited some time to become discolored, the water conditions somewhat slippery, bad taste, if used was sticky in the body.

Water containing iron and manganese if filtered using a filter iron and manganese, the water will be clean and odor-free color, precipitated / accommodated for some time will not arise sludge / oil coating thereon.

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