Dissolved Oxygen Meter HI 9146

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Specification of Dissolved Oxygen Meter HI 9146


Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved oxygen is a commonly measured parameter in
aquaculture, wastewater treatment, environmental studies, and wine analysis.
The HI9146 is a rugged, portable dissolved 
oxygen  (DO)  meter  
desi  ned  to provide high accuracy measurements whether
in the field or in the lab. The meter features automatic calibration performed
at one or two points in saturated air and/or zero oxygensolution.All readingsareautomatically
compensated for temperature variations and can be frozen on the display upon
stability using  the  auto-end 
feature.  Salinity and altitude
compensation are user adjustable based on the environmental conditions that are
present. The HI9146 features a Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS) that
detects when the batteries become too weak to ensure reliable measurements. The
HI91 6 is supplied complete and ready to use.


Polarographic Measuring System

The meter and probe use polarographic sensor technology
based on the Ross and Clark polarographic measurement method. The probe is
comprised of a platinum cathode and silver anode in an electrolyte solution
held in place over the surfaces of the electrodes by a polymer membrane. An
external voltage applied across the system establishes a current proportional to
the concentration of dissolved oxygen.


Replaceable Membrane Caps

The pretensioned thin polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
membranes employ a screw cap design that can be changed quickly by simply
filling with the HI7041 electrolyte fill solution and screw on the DO probe.


Automatic Calibration

Calibration can be performed at one or two points to 100%
and/or 0% saturation. The 100% saturation is done in air while the 0% is done
with the HI7040 bicomponent zero oxygen solution.


Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

The Good Laboratory Practice feature allows the user to
recall calibration information including date, time and calibrations points.


Automatic Temperature Compensation

All readings are automatically compensated for temperature
variations with a high accuracy, built in linearized thermistor temperature
sensor behind a stainless steel cover.


 Altitude Compensation

The HI9146 allows for altitude compensation for up to 4000
meters with a 100 meter resolution.

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