UV light bulb 40 watt Wonder

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Specification of UV light bulb 40 watt Wonder

Sell ​​a 40 watt UV Wonder bulb to kill bacteria in drinking water treatment.

Product Description 40 Watt UV Wonder Lamp Bulb

The 40 Watt UV Wonder lamp bulb is one component of the 40 Watt UV Wonder lamp set. The replacement of the light bulb is done when the light bulb or the light bulb has reached 9000 hours. The UV light bulb must be replaced when it reaches 9000 hours because the light is no longer effective to kill germs. The electrical voltage that enters the light bulb must be stable, because it will result in the durability of the lights and also the effectiveness of the lights in killing germs.

There are several things that make a 40 watt UV Wonder Lamp Bulb break up including:

- The light bulb has passed its life time

- The voltage is unstable (up and down)

- The lights are often turned on and off

- There is a water leak that enters the UV light bulb so that there is a short circuit. (Water leakage can be caused by broken glass casings / cracks or glass sleeve seals damaged)

Specification of 40 watt UV Wonder Lamp Bulb:

Model: GH845T5L / 4P 40W

Length: 850mm

Connector: 4pin

Power: 40 Watts

Capacity: 12 GPM or 45.6 liters per minute

In addition to selling UV light bulbs, Mitra Water also sells 40 Watt UV Wonder Lamp sets, ballas / travo, glass sleeve (Quartz sleeve) etc.

Note: For shipping outside the city, because the lamp material is made of glass. Items will be packed as safely as possible (Bubble wrap), please remember that even though they are safely packed, there is still a risk of breaking. By buying this item the buyer understands the risk and accepts all the risks that occur.

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