KSH UV Lamp Ballast 12 GPM

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09 Nov 2022
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Specification of KSH UV Lamp Ballast 12 GPM

Description of KSH UV Lamp Ballast

The lamp ballast is a
part of the KSH UV lamp which is the link between the UV lamp and the
electrical connection. Which has a function to turn on the UV KSH lamp by
providing a 220 Volt AC voltage source from PLN and then converting it to an AC
voltage of 500 to 800 volts having a frequency of 20 to 60 KHz.

KSH Ultraviolet lamp ballast specifications:

- Input Voltage: 220V
50 60 Hz

- Input Current : 0 20
– 0 38 A

- Lamp Power: 10-40 W

- Lamp current : 0 39 –
0.42 A

KS UV lamp ballast
works when the electrical load is not able to limit the current consumption
connected to the UV lamp properly. If you don't use ballast for connection in
turning on the UV lamp, it is feared that if it is connected to constant
voltage power, it will suck current to increase until the UV lamp can be
destroyed due to high voltage current. Therefore the UV lamp ballast has an
important role in the operation of the KSH UV lamp. And it is also important to
pay attention to the condition of the ballast that is being used for a long
period of time. Because the UV lamp operates optimally it can also depend on
good ballast conditions.

KSH UV lamp ballasts
can also be used for lamp brands other than the KSH brand, which can be used
for Aquaco brand UV lamps, and all UV lamp brands that have 4 legs.

Mitra water Surabaya
also guarantees the authenticity of the KSH brand UV lamp ballast. In addition
to selling ballasts for KSH UV lamps, Mitra water also provides several kinds
of ballast brands, UV lamps with various brands and types. For further
questions regarding KSH UV lamp ballasts, spare parts for water treatment or water
treatment, please contact the admin of Mitra Water Surabaya directly.

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