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Specification of boiler water treatment chemicals

Boiler Treatment Chemicals ROJEN B-0925

1.0- Introduction
ROJEN B-0925 boiler water treatment is a very effective multifunctional maintenance fluid for boilers. ROJEN B-0925 provides protection against scale formation originating from hardness, oxygen-induced corrosion and low pH corrosion associated with condensate systems. The combination of components in a single formulation makes ROJEN B-0925 truly provide complete maintenance in one product. The phosphate in the product precipitates the hardness of calcium as sludge that can settle and not stick. Synthetic polymers in the product further condition this sludge so that it can be effectively removed through a bottom blowdown procedure. Polymers also help to disperse insoluble solids in boiler water thereby preventing them from sticking to internal heat transfer surfaces. To prevent oxygen-induced corrosion ROJEN B-0925 contains sodium sulfite. The rapid reaction of sulfite with dissolved oxygen has made it an industry standard in the steam-making market. Corrosion inhibition is also achieved through increasing the pH of the condensate provided by the amine neutralizer in ROJEN B-0925. In addition, the anti-foam content in the product helps to prevent foam accumulation.

2.0- Distinctive Properties
Appearance: Clear liquid until slightly blurred
Specific Gravity: 1.1-1.4
pH 8 min
Freezing point -10oC
Flash point: Not applicable

3.0- Handling & Safety
Rojen Chemicals has a database of material safety data sheets (MSDS) on all of these MSDS products containing health & safety information to assist in the safe and appropriate handling of chemicals, to ensure personnel protection

4.0- Packaging
Available in 30 kg pail.

5.0- Main Application
ROJEN B-0925 water treatment boilers can be neatly fed directly from the drum or as an aqueous solution to the pre-boiler section. Cold condensate or soft water can be used for dilution. Feeding can be done continuously through a meter pump or dosing pump to provide the best control.

6.0- Feeding & Control
A phosphate residue test is needed for dosage adjustment and adjustment. The ROJEN B-0925 dose is adjusted to maintain an excess of 30-50 ppm phosphate as PO4 in boiler water, and the sulfite test is 20 - 40 ppm.
For Boil outs: 2 - 3% of Boiler volume, keep boiler water 60ºC for 12 -

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