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Water Conductivity Test Equipment
Water Conductivity Test Equipment
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Specification of

Measuring Water Conductivity Brands Senz

Why does conductivity need to be monitored?
The water conductivity measuring instrument, the brand Senz or conductivity meter, is a conductivity tester, used for measuring the quality of water that is most frequently encountered. Including the process of controlling water, the process of cleaning water, and the process of checking the quality of water. Senz µFilter tester is specially designed to measure water that has a low concentration. Of course this tool will facilitate the inspection and service technician to be carried out in the appropriate testing stages.

Some applications in measuring water quality such as condensate water cooling towers, water treatment, boiler water, chemical mixing, and other applications such as measuring the quality of concentrated chemicals.

TRANS Senz Conductivity tester is specially designed for industrial scale water treatment applications.


Precision Display

Precision display of 1 micron-Siemen (µS)


This tool was created to withstand accidental and shocks drop. This tester is resistant to water (waterproof) and if used will float on the surface of the water.

One Touch Calibration

In Active mode, Senz automatically reads the calibration point at the specified end-point.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

This tester is equipped with a temperature sensitive sensor, in order to achieve speed and accuracy in accurate and reliable readings.

Auto End-Point Reading

This tool automatically reads at end-points and freezes for recording


Specification of Senz Brand Water Conductivity Measurement Tool

Range: 0 to 1,999 µS

Resolution: 1 µS

Accuracy: ± 2% Full Scale

Battery: 4 x 1.5 Volt Button Cell (Alkaline A76 or equivalent)

Battery Life: About 100 hours (in continuous use)

Auto Shut-off: About 15 minutes

Operating Temperature: 0 ° - 50 ° C

Case Material: High Impact ABS Plastic

Size: 180 x 32 x 22 mm

Weight: 70 gm

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