Aquaco Measuring Instrument Water Pressure Gauge

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Specification of Aquaco Measuring Instrument Water Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge Air pressure gauge is used to measure water pressure on piping, filter tubes, pumps etc. Water Partners

A pressure gauge is an important component in the most widely used engineering world. At present there are around 50 technologies for measuring pressure, and there are around 3 00 companies in the world that produce this tool.

Pressure sensors are used to measure the pressure on a gas or liquid (liquid). Scientifically, pressure is the force needed to hold a fluid to stop expanding, or with the pressure formula is the force per unit unit area (area).

The units of the pressure gauge are in the form of psi (pounds per square inch), psf (pounds per square foot), mmhg (millimeters of mercury), inhg (inch of mercury), bar, atm (atmosphere), n / mˆ2 ( pascal).

There are 5 kinds of pressure on the pressure gauge, the diantanya are:

Differential Pressure: To measure using a pressure of different pressure, this tool measures using other pressures, and the unit is PSID.

Gauge Pressure: A large unit of pressure on a pressure gauge is better known as PSIG. And it has a reference pressure of 1 atm, which means that this pressure is greater than 1 atm. With PSIA> atm.

Hydrostatic Pressure: This tool only measures the pressure in water, and measures when there is heavy pressure of water which then makes the pressure of the liquid inside emit a pressure. So, with this Hydrostatic Pressure tool only depends on the depth of the liquid in a room, also gravity affects the water pressure.

Absolute Pressure: The absolute unit in Absolute pressure is known as PSIA or the PSIG + Patm = PSIA formula. The unit in Absolute pressure is calculated based on 1 atm

Vacuum Pressure: This pressure is suppressed under atmospheric pressure in other words this vacuum pressure is negative. Has a PSIA formula> 1 atm.

Some types of pressure gauges in the form of digital and mechanical, and some types of pressure gauges above are used in mechanical industry factories to need to measure a gas and fluid pressure and be installed in a tank or pipe.


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