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Swimming Pool Accessories

The swimming pool is also equipped with supporting equipment such as accessories, although they are not seen much but are of various types. Some swimming pool accessories have a fairly important role, there are some accessories that are only complementary and there are accessories whose functions are very important in the swimming pool.

The following kinds of swimming pool accessories:

1. Pool Brush

The swimming pool brush is used to clean the floor and walls of the swimming pool after the vacuum has been applied to the bottom of the pool. Cleaning with a swimming pool brush also aims to minimize the potential for moss to grow and reduce the walls or floor of the swimming pool from stubborn dirt.

2. Inlet fittings

Inlet fitting is a swimming pool accessory that has a hole that serves to enter water that has gone through the filtration process. The number of inlet fittings to be installed in a swimming pool varies depending on needs. For this type of private pool usually requires about 3 or 4 inlet fittings with different mounting positions on the pool wall.

3. Leaf Skimmer

Leaf skimmers are accessories in swimming pools that are quite important to support the cleanliness and beauty of the swimming pool. Leaf skimmers are used for outdoor swimming pools where there is usually dirt or dry leaves floating, the cleaning process is quite troublesome when cleaned by diving. Therefore, it is important for leaf skimmers in swimming pools to reach dirt - dirt that appears on the surface of the swimming pool.

4. Maindrain

Maindran is the center of the drain hole, when the swimming pool is being drained. Maindrain also has the function of maintaining the circulation of the bottom of the floor to the machine which then goes through the filtration process so that it is reconnected to the return inlet.

Swimming pools have a variety of accessories that need to be considered also in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. So that swimming pool accessories can function optimally.

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