Hanna HI 3811 Alkalinity Test kit

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The Hanna HI 3811 Alkalinity Test Kit is the amount of alkalinity in the water sample to neutralize the acid and expressed in ppm CaCO3

Alkalinity Test Kit (Alkalinity) is a test kit for fast and simple alkalinity test on liquid (water) test materials. Alkalinity is a buffer for changes in water pH and fertility indications measured by carbonate content. Alkalinity is the capacity of water to neutralize additional acids without decreasing the pH value of the solution
Alkalinity is able to neutralize acidity in water, specifically alkalinity is often referred to as a quantity that shows the buffering capacity of bicarbonate ions, and certain stages of carbonate and hydroxide ions in water. The three ions in water will react with hydrogen ions, thereby reducing acidity and increasing pH. Optimal alkalinity at a value of 90-150 ppm. Low alkalinity is overcome by calcification of a dose of 5 ppm. And the type of lime used is adjusted to the condition of the pH of the water so that the effect of liming does not make the pH of water high, and adapted to its needs and functions

Specification of Water quality test equipment Alkalinity Test Kit Hanna HI 3811:
Method: Titration Range: 0-100 mg / L; 0-300 mg / L
Smallest increase: 1 mg / L; 3 mg / L
Chemical Method: Phenolphthalein / Bromphenol blue
Number of tests: approximately 110
Weight: 460 g

Information on the Set of Alkalinity Test Kits Hanna HI 3811 test kit consists of
10 mL phenolpthalein indicator
10 mL bromophenol blue indicator
120 mL alkalinity titrant
10 mL calibrated vessel
50 mL calibrated vessel,
calibrated syringe with tip.

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