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RO Dan Ultrafiltration Machine

Sell ​​Industrial RO Machines

Mitra Water  sell Industrial RO machines in Surabaya with cheap prices, the most complete range of types and brands of the best RO machines. Selling Industrial RO machines / Reverse Osmosis machines (RO) which are tap water, brackish water treatment machines, so that the sea water becomes ready to drink water or ready for consumption. Reverse osmosis machines can get rid of harmful pollutants in water such as heavy metals, pesticides, poisons, chemicals, radioactive particles, bacteria, viruses, salts, deposits and so on. The drinking water produced by the reverse osmosis machine is clean and healthy water so it does not need to be cooked anymore. Clean and healthy water can improve our immune system because in it there are no more harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. The advantage of RO machines is that they can dissolve metals in water so that the metal content in water can go down (Pure Water). With the existence of RO or Reverse Osmosis machine technology, it can make it easier for people to get proper water to use until they can drink. At present the trend of RO or Reverse Osmosis machines is becoming known and widely used by the public, for personal needs so that the industry needs, examples of RO machine uses as follows:
1. Household or office drinking water
2. Depo Refill
3. Bottled drinking water factory
4. Water for industrial needs
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