Sea Water Ro

SEA RO WATER MACHINE Indonesian communities in remote areas and even cities are often faced with shortages of clean water stocks, even though Indonesia has abundant sea water. Because of this, humans created technology that transforms salty seawater into clean fresh water with semipermel membrane technology. The technology referred to above is an reverse osmosis system, or it can be known as Reverse osmosis or RO Sea Water Machine.Following are the objectives / benefits and benefits of the Sea Water RO Machine System: • Aiming to meet human needs for clean, non-turbulent water stocks, there is no dirt, viruses and bacteria in this system. • Because Indonesia has an abundant source of salt water or brackish water, this reverse osmosis system can utilize existing water resources. • Water treatment with an RO or Reverse Osmosis system provides enormous benefits for humans, because this system uses a molecular level filtration method.

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