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Filter Housing

Filter housing is a container or cartridge filter housing that functions as a filter in the flow of liquid. Generally the housing filter is used for household water filtration systems and often also as a pretreatment water filter or as the final filter of the clean water filter filtering circuit.

Whether or not the filter housing has an effect on the success rate of filtering, such as raw materials for making substandard housing, there is a risk of rupture, the inaccurate seal system results in leakage. The filter housing is made of polypropylene or stainless steel to deal with high pressure and temperature.

Usually, the filter housing is filled with sedimentary spun cartridges, CTO, GAC, alkaline cartridges, and others. Available filter housing with a height of 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch and 40 inch with the contents of the filter cartridges 1, 3, 5 and so on.

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